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Referencing Our Material

Referencing Our Material

Guidelines for University College Cork Folklore & Ethnology Archive materials: to be used in print, broadcast, online and creative outputs.

Permissions and guidelines

Prior to publication or dissemination of material from the University College Cork Folklore & Ethnology Archive, permission is required from the UCC Dept of Folklore & Ethnology. Please contact Department by email, attaching a description of the proposed publication or use, with the proposed excerpts and their references.
On receipt of permission to publish or disseminate, the following acknowledgement is required for inclusion in the publication:
Department of Folklore & Ethnology, University College Cork (UCC).

Note: When using our materials in print, the researcher undertakes to accurately transcribe the relevant audio passage.

On dissemination, please email us at ??? with the reference or link to the dissemination piece in which you have used UCCFEA material.

Written citation of audio interviews
University College Cork Folklore & Ethnology Archive (henceforth UCCFEA) audio interview: Sound Recording Number, (contributor/interviewee name) interviewed by (interviewer name), date of interview.

Example: UCCFEA audio interview: Sound Recording 210, Geraldine Maher interviewed by Colm Farrell, 01 May 1993.

Broadcast and creative use
Each extract should be identified as being from a UCCFEA interview. Interviewees should be identified wherever duty of care permits, along with a reference to the interview date or year. As the UCCFEA provides material to non-profit undertakings without charge, the UCCFEA must be credited for its collaboration in the piece and in any accompanying text in print or online.

Referencing the UCCFEA at conferences
Please refer to the UCCFEA and give the Sound Recording Number when referring to or quoting material from the archive. Give written reference as above.

Use of UCCFEA images and photographs
When referencing UCCFEA photographs, make sure that the copyright is attributed to the UCCFEA and that all correct acknowledgements to our different collections are observed on the advice of the UCCFEA.

Use of UCCFEA Online Audio Archive Catalogue material (at http://epu.ucc.ie/folklore/)
Please follow the written citation guidelines as above, adding the URL and date accessed.

The Sound Recording Number (listed in our catalogue as part of the identifier: e.g. UCCFEA_SR00216-03_Leahy) is the primary necessary element of any citation. Online catalogue platforms may give suggested citation content: please privilege the instructions for written citation as outlined here over what the website may display, as that may be automated to a format that is not suitable.